Throwback Thursday: Joy is a key ingredient in efficiency

Education to Save the World

Around this time of year kids (and teachers) get antsy. It’s cold outside and spring break is not yet in sight. Classroom procedures start to slip and students fall behind on homework. So, I’m reaching into the Ed2Save vault for a little inspiration to keep up the joy and efficiency of the classroom.

It’s always good to remind myself that joy is a key ingredient in classroom efficiency!


We’ve often talked about the need for joy and efficiency in classrooms as separate ideas. Classrooms must be joyful so that kids want to be there, enjoy learning, and feel safe enough to take intellectual and social risks. Classrooms must also be efficient, meaning that time is well spent and that teachers can craft an effective path toward the learning goal without worrying about student misbehaviors or off-tasked-ness.

Today, I’m thinking about how adding joy to my class can actually

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