Trending: Finland’s Leap of Faith

Education to Save the World

1413119955858We’ve talked about Finland a few times over the last few years.  We’ve written about their awesome PISA results, quoted Tony Wagner referring to their students as the only “innovation-ready” high school graduates in the world, and discussed what it is exactly that they’re doing right in our review of the Smartest Kids in the World.

Today though, we’re talking about something pretty amazing that Finland is doing, something that doesn’t happen everyday….while they are proverbially on top of the education world, they are changingthings up.

This is pretty impressive because, as you probably know from your own life if not from the vast realms of scholarship on change leadership, it’s often hardest to change when things are going well.  Why change when things are good right?

The thing is  – in our crazy-fast-paced world, to stay on top you have to be ready…

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