Digital Portfolios

Online student portfolios, also known as digital portfolios or e-portfolios, enhance and promote student learning in a variety of ways.  In general, student portfolios — whether they are digital or not — allow students to reflect on the content they create and share.  They include performance-based work such some of the student’s best works, as well as an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of several pieces.

Online student portfolios are more advantageous than non-digital portfolios.  Digital portfolios invite students to become more engaged by allowing them to adopt digital tools that help cultivate communication, collaboration, and creativity.  They are also more accessible, portable, and can easily be updated.  With technology being at the forefront of the 21st century, I believe it is important for students to adapt the skills that coincide with creating an online portfolio.

In my opinion, electronic portfolios are very versatile and beneficial, regardless of who is employing them.  They can be used by professionals and students, each of whom must know how to properly utilize the form of technology that assists the e-Portfolios.  They are a great way to showcase achievement and growth over a period of time, and also offers students, in particular, the ability to showcase skills and kinds of intelligence that are often not measured by standardized tests.

Online student portfolios help students gain the necessary skills required to create a professional, digital portfolio for their career down the road.  E-Portfolios are a simple, effective way to showcase achievements and growth.  The 21st century requires innovative and specific (and digital) tools that people must develop to stay “up to date”.  E-Portfolios serve as valuable tools to people of all ages and with different occupations.


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