Personal Learning Networks

Personal Learning Networks, or PLN’s, are extremely beneficial for people of all ages. They allow people to make connections and build relationships, while learning from each other by sharing resources and ideas. PLN’s also allow people from all over the world to come together and communicate with each other over a specific topic. PLN’s are personalized, flexible, and grant people instant access and expertise over certain subject areas.

As a future educator, I can definitely see myself utilizing a PLN. Being a connected educator allows me to collaborate and interact with other educators online, using a range of social media tools to help build my own personal learning network. In my opinion, PLN’s are a great tool for educators. We are constantly eager to learn and build upon our knowledge, day after day, and PLN’s help to make this possible. They offer global connections, and multiple perspectives regarding education-related topics.

PLN’s can also be applied beyond the scope of teaching. PLN’s allow people who share a common passion to come together and explore that area more in-depth. PLN’s gather points of view from people all over the world. They also allow people to share their ideas and findings with those people. PLN’s are a great way to broaden the horizons of knowledge among diverse groups of people.

I do see opportunities to use PLN’s in my instruction with students. They allow teachers to locate resources for their classrooms, such as free websites and software that students can utilize in the classroom. PLN’s also show teachers how to integrate technology in their teaching in ways that will benefit student learning. With PLN’s teachers can find interesting links to education news, and find collaborative solutions to any problems that may arise inside or outside of the classroom.

PLN’s are very advantageous to educators, as well as anyone who is willing to broaden their knowledge related to specific areas they find fascinating. PLN’s bring people with the same interests, ages, and professions together, helping them to communicate and collaborate with each other.


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