Philosophy of Educational Technology

My philosophy on education is that no two students are the same; each student has his/her own individual strengths and weaknesses.  Every student has great potential and it is important to me, as a future educator, to help those students find it.  As a future early childhood instructor, it is important to me that I lay a solid foundation in core subjects that students will be able to build upon.  While teaching my students the “building blocks” of education, I must tailor my lesson plans to each student’s particular needs.

Technology makes individualizing education simple and effective.  Students choose how they want to learn the material; this allows them to be in control while I facilitate on the side.  Technology is also a great tool that can be used for communication and collaboration among students.  I believe an essential part of learning is that students not only learn from their teacher, but from each other.

Digital Citizenship is a very important concept students must master when technology is utilized inside of the classroom.  A student’s safety can easily be put into danger, especially through means of technology.  It is my job as an educator to employ and demonstrate digital citizenship, and act as a “digital role model” to my students.

Teaching allows for continual learning and growth.  I hope that my future students share the same passion for learning as I do.  I believe that working with children requires compassionate, and dedicated individuals who are excited about working with children.  In today’s society, it is vital that students both receive a solid education, and are able to work with someone who is responsive to their individual needs.