Enhancing Learning Through Multimedia

Multimedia is a very beneficial tool for teachers to utilize inside the classroom.  There are many different types; and each one comes with numerous benefits. Various modes of multimedia range from educational videos to animated applications.

Multimedia offers students the opportunity to excel in the following areas: School readiness, grades and performance, collaborative abilities, communication, and professional development.  These competencies build the foundation of students’ educational experience, as well as preparing them for their professional careers.

An example of a video form of multimedia is Khan Academy. Khan Academy offers free personalized, instructional videos, allowing students to practice exercises so they can learn and study at their own pace outside of the classroom.  This website provides assistance in multiple subject areas, such as: math, science, history, art history, and economics.  Khan Academy is a fantastic educational tool that presents students with multiple ways to diversify their knowledge.

Another example of a more animated form of multimedia, which appeals to elementary students, is called Bookabi.  With Bookabi, children have everything they need to tell their stories: 2D and 3D characters, extravagant backgrounds, and fun objects and stickers that children can place, resize, or rotate with the swipe of a finger.  Bookabi allows children to add speech bubbles, text, front cover design, and use their own personal photos as backgrounds!  With bookabi, children are able to bring their wildest imaginations to life.

Mulitmedia comes in many different forms and is used for a variety of purposes.  It is a great interactive tool that I plan on implementing in my future classroom to make learning effortless and enjoyable for my students.