The students will be graded using the following rubric:

1 pt
2 pts
3 pts
Organization Poor
The students did not use Google Presentation and did not follow the correct format listed on the WebQuest.
The students used Google Presentation but did not follow the correct format listed on the WebQuest.
The students did an excellent job using Google Presentation. They followed the correct slideshow format, and seemed very comfortable with the technology.
Content Poor
Did not include the necessary information and no pictures were added to any slides.
Included the information asked of them on the slides, however they included minimal (if any) pictures.
Students followed the layout of the slides and included pictures to support their findings.
Effort Poor
Little to no effort was put into the presentation. The group was off-task more than they were on-task during their workdays.
The students were caught getting off-task a few times. The effort in their presentation is clear, however their work was very sloppy.
The students were on-task throughout the whole project. Their presentation showed that they put in a lot of effort

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